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TRIX model

Kind: High-Performance Short Board

Release Date: November 2020

Size: 5'8” x 19” x 2.23” @ 25.6 L

Bottom Contours: Single concave to double concave to Concave out the back.

Tail Shape: Round-Squash

Fin Set Up: 3-Fin



Just when you thought we were going to simplify and streamline our product line to make life easier for you, we've come up with yet another high performance shortboard for the ever growing list of high performance shortboard models. Introducing the TRIX model shortboard developed for teamer Alex Casal. He wanted a board that would fit in between the Sizzle Stick and the Sizzle Stick 2 if that's even possible. Keeping the same width and volume as the SS2, but slightly longer, Squash tail and keeping it thruster (for now). This board is designed for your average Florida junk surf in the 3'-5' range. Any bigger and you'd want to use the Sizzle Stick, or C-Monkey. Any smaller and you can use the SS2 or Shroom. That's all you really need as far as high-performance shortboards are concerned. The TRIX model alone will look to cover most of your surfing needs as it sits right in the middle of your high-performance shortboard quiver.

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