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Carlos Reyes: Surfer / Shaper / Artist / Musician

Been shaping since 1994. I began in my friend's backyard in Hialeah while in high school. All my friends told me I was getting good at it and urged me to keep it going.

I moved up to Daytona Beach for a couple years shortly after, then came back to Miami for college to earn a degree in Graphic Design. After a couple years working in graphics and printing I saved up enough money to get back into shaping. I incorporated in 2003 and have been making custom surfboards in Miami ever since.


During this time I managed to learn the entire board building process from shaping and painting, to glassing and sanding. I've also learned a few things from other local shapers here in Florida. My first 10 years in the biz was all hand shaping and I relied on glass shops to glass for me. Now I design all my boards on the 3D software, but have been doing all the glasswork myself.


I'm all done with the move to Brevard Co. I'm fortunate enough to be able to work with Daniel Wheatley from Kurt Werks and I'll be shaping and glassing out of their shop for the time being. Looking forward to working with a couple other master board builders and hopefully learn a thing or two. I'm going to run a couple jobs through this month to feel out the new place. If you are interested in getting a new board made just email me:

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