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Carlos Reyes : Local Shaper

Over 26 years experience working on boards. Been making surfboards professionally since 2003, but I got started as a garage shaper back in 1993. What started out as a fun high school project with my surf buddies has turned into a full time niche business making custom surfboards in Miami. 

Latest news:

Happy New Year 2021! 2020 had its ups and downs, but as far as surfboards was concerned it was a great year. I was inundated with orders all year. We got to a 3 month waiting list at one point and people patiently waited. Still have more to go to catch up. I'm looking forward to a much needed break to rest and regroup. A huge thanks for all your love and support. Feedback was great, even more than great which is why I hope to keep on going this year for as long as possible. Happy surfing! Hope to see you all in the water this year. God bless!


I caught my waves in 2020. Watershot: Lou Lozada


Doing a little praying before starting a new batch of boards. August 1st, 2019

Scrubbing down a Soul Saver 9'0" for David Cupp. Time Lapse Music by:


A little Glassing. Glass inlay with Rasta color resin streaks in polyester resin.

Always leaning new tricks in the glassing room.


Hey guys! Please check out our fund raiser for teamer Chris Burdine!

It's great cause for a great person and fellow surfer!

Many thanks to everyone who's donated. Chris is well on his way to getting the surgery he needs this month January 2021!