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Carlos Reyes - Shaper / board builder

Since 1994 (my first shape) Since 2008 Little River, Miami

How many board have I worked on? Around 2500 lifetime (give or take a couple hundred) Another +1500 in ding repairs. Not a whole lot, but it's quality work.


Hello everyone! We are entering July 2023. We are also reaching our final months here at this current location in Miami. I passed up a bunch of work last month because of the FLU which had me down for a whole week and a 1/2. If you are one of the many who I turned down for custom last month then my sincere apologies. I've been slowly recovering and finishing the last batch. I do have some final orders going through this month and that will be it for me. I will be CLOSED for any and all new order in July. It's the best and only way to break free for a while, and to let me unwind and start packing things up. I do have a little contingency plan for what comes next. As we draw closer to that time I'll let you guys know. I'll be posting the latest work on IG.

Thanks for the love and support and God bless!


Contact me:


Turnaround: 2-3 months, 50% Deposit Required,

C-Shapes trade-ins welcome.


As of today March 10th, 2023 I am not accepting any more ding repairs. I am booked and will be focusing on the custom orders.

-For general surfboard-SUP repairs call up TODD in Deerfield Beach. 765-419-8633

-For Foil related repairs and technical Carbon Fiber Composite repairs call up PAUL at Foil Factory in Ft. Lauderdale. 954-892-0679

They might be booked too? Please be patient.


One from March 2022. The Sizzle Stick, black tinted Chanel Board + High Gloss Polish customized for Carlos "Turtle".

Doing a little praying before starting a new batch of boards. Thankful to God for this job, also need all the help I can get. August 1st, 2019


Scrubbing down a Soul Saver 9'0" for David Cupp. Time Lapse Music by:


Fun fact: I listen to all sorts of music, but I grew up listening to Miami bass and techno. I recently added the guitar to my repertoire and I don't regret it. 

A little post work fun. Summers are usually lake flat here in Miami, but Haulover Inlet has been providing some ridable nugs when no one was looking. Enough to get wet at least.

A little Glassing. Glass inlay with Rasta color resin streaks in polyester resin.

Always learning new tricks in the glassing room.

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