Carlos Reyes - Shaper / board builder

Over here in sunny Miami making some gems. Just hit me up for a quote.

Order 1 here.


Turnaround: 6-8 Weeks, 1/3-1/2 Deposit Required, C-Shapes trade-ins welcome.

Got Dings?

Call Paul 954-892-0679 (Ft. Lauderdale)

Fat 305-310-7745 (South Miami)

Todd 765-418-8633 (Deerfield Beach)

I'm not taking ding repairs at the moment, not until I can catch up on orders.


Doing a little praying before starting a new batch of boards. Need all the help I can get. August 1st, 2019

Scrubbing down a Soul Saver 9'0" for David Cupp. Time Lapse Music by:


Fun fact: I listen to all sorts of music, but I grew up listening to Miami bass and techno.

A little Glassing. Glass inlay with Rasta color resin streaks in polyester resin.

Always leaning new tricks in the glassing room.


Hey guys! Please check out our fund raiser for teamer Chris Burdine!

It's great cause for a great person and fellow surfer!

Many thanks to everyone who's donated. Chris is well on his way to getting the surgery he needs this month January 2021!