The Soul Saver


Kind: Long Board

Release Date: 2015

Size: 9’0” x 22.5” x 3” 

Volume: 72 Liters

Bottom Contours: Concave nose to slight belly to Vee out the back.

Tail Shape: Square, Squash, Round-Pin, Moon

Fin Set Up: Single



The Soul Saver is becoming one of my top models. Still going strong since the 2015 design. The Latest 2019 hasn't changed much with some minor refinements. Lots of guys are widening the tail by an inch or two. Still, the standard model is versatile in all roles and conditions. The pulled in baby square tail turns on a dime. Great for nose riding and has a competition style feel to it especially in EPS foam. The locals are true believers in the Soul Saver as it comes in clutch in the middle of summer here in Miami when it's gone flat for weeks, and then we get a tiny knee to thigh high day and the Soul Saver comes through bringing the joy of salvation to the wave famished Miami surfer.

The latest Soul Saver in poly with purple resin tint + cut lap + pin line + vector netting and lastly a high gloss polish for David C. It was a lot of hard work in the middle of summer. Turned out nice. Also added the 2021 model in Light Blue Patina. Don't worry guys. I didn't mess up. It's supposed to look like that. Like an old truck in a barn with the paint coming off and worn out.