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The Hogfish

Kind: 50% Shortboard, 50% Fish

Release Date: July 2021

Size: 5'6” x 19” x 2.25” @ 26.5 L

Bottom Contours: Single concave to double concave to Double

spiral vee out the back

Tail Shape: Swallow/Fish tail. Add a wing while you're at it.

Fin Set Up: Twin fin, Quad or 5 fin. Why not?



Originally considered naming this one the Faster & Looser, but teamer Al Casal insisted we call it the Hogfish. Not wanting to argue over the name and allowing for the "occasional" customer participation we agreed on the name and we're going with it. "Go Hog some waves why don't ya"! This is also Ron Keindl's GO-2 board for the typical SOFLO days we get, which is weak, mushy chop. He's got it dailed and he lost some weight too. At first it felt a touch small for him but now it's spot on.

Al Casal's custom Hogfish in purple rails.


The man. The legend, Ron Keindl finally gets his hands on a C-Shapes. He grabbed this stock 5'8" Hogfish that was just within his size range. First couple surf shots from a gutless day at Haulover Inlet and still managed to throw some buckets. Ron's board pictured below.

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