The Hogfish

Kind: High-Performance fish

Release Date: July 2021

Size: 5'6” x 19” x 2.25” @ 26.5 L

Bottom Contours: Single concave to double concave to Double

spiral vee out the back

Tail Shape: Swallow/Fish tail

Fin Set Up: Twin fin or Quad



Originally considered naming this one the Faster & Looser, but teamer Al Casal insisted we call it the Hogfish. Not wanting to argue over the name and allowing for the "occasional" customer participation we agreed on the name and we're going with it.

Go Hog some waves why don't ya!

As far as the board this one is inspired by the CI Fishbeard. Not a copy by far, but an eyeballed remake with the same theory behind the Fishbeard. To make a board that is part high performance shortboard and part fish complete with twin keel fins for that traditional twin-fin fish feel. Still in the prototype stage, the first ones are working as expected. They are fast and loose, but riding a twin fin board can take some getting used to. I'm currently looking at the proper "fin" for this board debating between the Hydrid fish fins or the actual keels. The swallow tail depth seems alright for now. Could always go deeper swallow for more central control or also a quad would work great too. Throw in a tail channel while you're at it. Why not? Lots of fun potential with this design. Def recommend you know how to surf though for this one. If not then I recommend try the other floatier fish models such as the original F&L, Fang Toof or the NU Fish.


Al's custom Hogfish in purple + The man. The legend, Ron Keindl finally gets his hands on a C-Shapes. He grabbed this stock 5'8" Hogfish that was just within his size range. First couple surf shots from a gutless day at Haulover Inlet and still managed to throw some buckets.