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Super Fun

7'8"  x  22"  x  2.68"  @  51.5 L

A little on the skinny side. Technically a fun shape with a little gun in it. Paddles, catches waves and turns easy without all that extra foam. Duck divable at the standard dims. Been working on this design for a while now with Dave "Watson" who goes down to PR all the time. Started out with a wider nose like a longboard. Been making it pointier over time. Nothing fancy on the bottom contours. Just a natural free flowing flat bottom with a little V out the back and a slight concave up in the nose. Rails are low and not too boxy. Tail is pulled in ending in a baby round-squash tail.

The latest Super Fun 7'8" for Dave Watson. This time around we made the nose more pointed. His main request was for lighter glassing. The recommended 6/4/6 felt a little heavy for him so we removed all reinforcement tapes and tuned it down to 6/4/4. Now it feels lighter as per his request. All of Dave's boards have been Super Fun, and his hand me downs went on to make the next owner Super happy in the water.

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