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The Sizzle Stick 2

Kind: Small wave shortboard

Release Date: January 2019

Size: 5'6” x 19.25” x 2.31” @ 26.5 L

Bottom Contours: Single concave to double concave through the fins and out the back.

Tail Shape: Swallow tail

Fin Set Up: Tri-Fin, Quad, 5-Fin



New small wave version of the Sizzle Stick. Team rider David Begley wanted to size down his 5’9” to a 5’6” and the task was not as easy as it sounds. We had to try 4 versions until we came up with “the One”. All new design from the original with all new bottom contours, foil and outline. We almost gave up on it, but thanks to God we finally got it right on the 4th try. The first 3 attempts all had squash tails, and I suggested going back to the swallow tail which never gave him any issues, and that worked out along with all the other adjustments we talked about. End result: Davo loves his new Sizzle Stick II which he likes to call “Lil Sizz”. And yes, we do all our own product testing before we go to the public. 


First couple sessions on the Sizzle Stick 2 with David Begley and friends.

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