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5'9"  x  18.75"  x  2.25"  @  26.2 L

This be our hi-performance shortboard model. Modeled originally from a KS Semi-Pro, the latest version is now its own unique design with some minor tweaks here and there. It comes in two main variants. The Swallow tail design and the round-Pin tail which serves as a step-up. Both models are used by our team rider David Begley and he's been having a stellar past couple of years on them. You can still ask me for the original design which rides good in a round squash tail and more closely resembles the KS Semi-Pro from like 3 years back. Hey, the board works like a charm so why change it?


Davo riding his favorite Sizzle Stick 5'9" affectionately called "PINKY".

"It's magic", says Davo. All the swallow tail designs come from his magic design and have been successful.

This little Black and Red railed Sizzle Stick was custom made for Marcos C.


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