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Kind: The Russell Round tail 1.

Release Date: Around 2017

Size: 5'10" x 19.25" x 2.54" @ 30.8L

Bottom Contours: Single to double concave + tail channel (opt)

Tail Shape: Bump to Round-Thumb

Fin Set Up: Tri-Fin, any.



All-a-round thumb tail design, with a little bit more volume, but mainly thruster oriented. Made for riders who rip, but need extra foam. Can add way more foam up to 50+ L, and it still rips, even for riders who don't need no 50 liters.

The R1 is one of my original designs, made from scratch for my friend Russell down in Haiti. He says it's his go2 board in all conditions and wave heights from 2-3' to 4-6'+. So far everyone loves this board just as much including Ron Keindl who uses his in Step-Up conditions.

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