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The NU Fish

Kind: NU Concept Fish

Release Date: April 2018

Size: 6’1” x 22.25” x 2.6” 

Volume: 41.5 Liters

Bottom Contours: Deep Single concave all the way through

Tail Shape: Moon tail

Fin Set Up: Twin or Quad



In response to the Rob Machado GO Fish. (Beautiful board btw). People kept asking me about the special channeled concave bottom they are doing. I went with a deep single concave instead and it does the trick. Not doing the channels. Especially since everyone asking me for discounts. Haha! Nope.

A real floaty fish though, with extra wide outline and thicker 'cause we get weak surf down here and people just want to catch waves, not huff and puff scratching for knee high mush. Believe me, I see it all the time, people trying to surf down here with their top-of-the-line "performance models" and they're just not having too much fun. The first prototype was a success and everyone got to try it and loved it. The deep single works! This one's in the teal spray is only the second one, NU Fish #2 made for Daisy. Hey! This ain't mass production. The board goes well "as is" with a twin fin setup but you can make it a quad no problem.

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