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Kind: Thickie Funshape

Release Date: 2016

Size: 7’6” x 23.25” x 3.25” 

Volume: 66.7 Liters

Bottom Contours: Concave Nose, Double Spiral Vee out the back.

Tail Shape: Pin tail

Fin Set Up: 2+1, 4+1



This board has been a success because it's Miami and this is what most Miamian's need. A real thick, mid-length funshape that's remarkably fun. This board is blunt. Its got the extra width and volume for stability and paddle power. You are catching the wave whether you want to or not. They don't believe me. That's alright. C-Slug owners know what's up.

This design just keeps getting bigger and better. We are now pushing the C-Slug all the way to 8'0" nearing 24" wide and 3.25" thick, yet with all the extra foam the board is still surprisingly nimble. Must be the special bottom contours?

This board is in the same class as the Walden's Mega Magic. Yes, there is a special "Slug" genre of boards and yes, some shapers specialize in making full-figured Slugs for a living.


The King Slug - 8'0" x 23.5" x 3.25" 4 + 1 for Chicho.

They got me doing the black rails with color on the inside + Vector netting. Very tough looking and durable board. It's everything a Slug should be.


The Neil Slug - 7'1" x 23" x 2.95" in Quad for Neil Goodman. Neil got a custom Slug which is slightly different from the original design, but still every bit a C-Slug with custom paint job and corporate ID for Morelia Paletas

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