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The Loose Rocket

Kind: Part Fish, Part Rocket

Release Date: January 2020

Size: 5'8” x 20.75” x 2.65” @ 36 L

Bottom Contours: Single concave to double concave through the fins and out the back.

Tail Shape: Rocket tail rounded or Pinny.

Fin Set Up: 5-Fin



All new for 2020. New for me at least. Modeled from the Fast & Loose Fish and converted into more of a Rocket. Featuring the Rocket tail inspired by the Lost Rocket. "This board just goes", said Tony G. who's been trying out my board for the past 15 years. We've been going back and forth on several small wave grovelers and his most recent have been the Shroom and the Fast & Loose. After the fish he gave me some feedback as to what he wanted up on the nose and we went to work on the rocker profile. A few more tweaks here and there and we ended up with this new model dubbed the Loose Rocket aka "the Supernova". 

Available in the 5 fin setup for all sorts of fin options.

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