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The Shroom

Kind: Champignon of the Sea

Release date: June 2017

Specs: 5’3” x 20.5” x 2.125”

Volume: 26.5 Liters

Special Features: It’s really short and stocky. Throws Spores!

Bottom Contours: Yes

Tail Shape: Extra wide, Split-Round Squash / Crescent Moon

Fin Set Up: 4 or 5

Description: This is a 4x4 style surfboard for little, gutless waves. It’s rippable. It’s nimble. It’s quick. It flies down minimal lines and it flies through space and time. It comes in a variety of colors and tail shapes. Right now we are working on a 5’2” design for small riders like Chispi Gomez, and a 5’3” thru 5’5” for bigger riders. Volumes are ranging from 25 to 35 liters so far in development. Expect a liter or two more in volume than your standard thruster. The Shroom is shaped out of super-fused eps with new HDS stringers (High Density Stringer). The Shroom is encased in the latest and greatest in glass works using strategically placed reinforcements making the board sturdy and strong yet light weight. Comes with up to 5 fin boxes of choice. Look to enjoy this board as a Quad fin board, but the center fin box can come in handy. And that’s about it for this new small wave model. Careful though! The Shroom will grow on you. 



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