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El Nueve Dos


Kind: Classic Pig

Release Date: August 2019

Size: 9’2” x 23” x 3” 

Bottom Contours: Single concave nose to slight convex belly to Vee out the back

Tail Shape: Moon tail, Square

Fin Set Up: Single



Finally, I'm breaking into the Pig Longboard design. It took a while because nobody ever ordered one like this until Ricky Olas asked me for one. He had me looking at pig outlines for quite some time. After his I made an extra one for me to try out and it was a different feel for what I'm used to on the Soul Saver. The Pig outline is towards the back with what appears to be a wider hip than the traditional wide point forward on most longboards. I had lot of fun first session trying to walk up to the nose and amazingly enough it held my weight with no problem. Looking forward to some more research and development on this design.


As for the name it's provisional since all the names I can come up with have been taken. El Nueve Dos, spanish for Nine Two. I'm thinking if you ever change the size then I will change the name in turn; El Nueve Cero, EL Nueve cuatro. Etc.


First day out in the water at South Beach.

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