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Middle Earth

Kind: Mid-Length

Release Date: January 2023

Size: 7'5” x 21.5” x 3” @ 54.7 L

Bottom Contours: Yes

Tail Shape: Round-Pin

Fin Set Up: Single, 2+1, 4+1



All new for 2023 is our Middle Earth model fun shape. Commonly known as a Mid-length. It's in between a Longboard and a shortboard. This board is also part of our Retro/Egg series with it's smaller siblings the Earthling, Bubbler, and Latest Craze. This board is great for all round and all purpose. It's a fun shape. It's a fun-gun. It's good for beginners and intermediates as well as seasoned pros. This would be a great board to order after learning on a bulky soft-top. Single fin or 2+1 is recommended or you can even order it Tri-Fin or 5-fin. 

The Middle Earth 7'5" for Kimberly Van Horn Feat: Pastel Pink Pigment and Pink swirled bottom.

EPS/Epoxy 2+1 Futures Fins. Also a 6'8" Middle Earth feat: Lavander tint for Renée in POLY/PU

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